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• Bodywize Fit  (All-Level)

This is our signature class for cardio training with creative postures specially designed to increase strength wrists, shoulder and lower core.


• Hatha (Multi-Level)

Standard moderately paced class for those who are more experienced yoga students looking forward to develop strength, balance and personality. The class is also recommended for men.


• Stretch to Sky L2

Learn postures with perfect alignment and technique. A great class to strengthen and tone up your body. Inhale and reach for the sky. Here we have two levels of this class, are Level 1 Class holds the stretching ’s and Level 2 Class moves in a flow to regulate your blood circulation.


• Power Yoga

A powerful class focusing on movement with breath, using deep breathing techniques and linking postures together to create dynamic sequences. This class provides the student with an energizing and detoxifying practice.


• Yogalates

A complete and comprehensive fusion of yoga & pilates. It is a movement system that stretches and strengthens all major muscle group developing a streamlined slenderness rather than bulk.


•  Pilates Mat

The movements focus on building core or "powerhouse" strength as the key to good posture and a healthy back. Pilates  MAT provides total body conditioning to increase strength, flexibility and endurance emphasizing the alignment of the

pelvis & spine as well as conscious breathing for a strong core.


• Asana & Pranayama.

In this class, students will learn about basic yoga postures and breathing techniques to improve with their functions of lungs and Immune cells.


• Gentle Flow

A gentle, Flow, Restorative good for injury recovery at shoulder, elbow, and lower limb.


• Vinyasa

An energetic nonstop flow style practiced with different Ashtanga yoga postures flow haphazardly yet balanced between the 5 Head up, Abdomen down, on the side, Abdomen up, Head down and lots of emphasis on breath that cultivates unique strength, fluidity and Energy.


• Sun Series

A great way to start the day with sun salutations, you will feel active, energetic and tireless during your work. Improves the elasticity of the skin & muscles, relieves stiffness and pain in joints, aids digestion, improves stamina and mental health.


• Ashtanga Yoga

The teacher leads the class through the traditional sequence of postures in the Primary Series. Here the student learns the correct breathing-movement system called the Vinyasa, which takes some time to grasp.


• Easy Yoga

This class offers a wide variety of postures with focus on proper alignment, with detailed instruction to help increase body awareness.


• Yoga for Life

Set of few postures to salute the three main planets i.e., sun, moon and earth and also to activate related energies of the body with these planets such as Abdomen: Fire/Energy/Prana by Sun (Source of energy), Heart and Mind by Moon, Stability/firmness by Earth.


• Yoga Bliss

Inner Happiness; A yoga class for all. Brings out the inner beauty of oneself with different yoga techniques. Helps you to feel your inner self and stoke the rejuvenation, revitalization and anti aging.


• Stretch and Relax

A practice designed to get your body and mind ready for everyday challenges. Peaceful class, where you will gradually improve your flexibility and release the tensions and stress that keeps your body and mind stiff. Nothing compares to begin the day with a morning stretch.


• Pathanjali

A traditional Yoga flow technique coming from the linage of masters who first Ever Brought into This World Yoga (Pathanjali Maharshi). This class is suitable for all levels of Yoga Practitioners. The class starts and ends with Mantra.


• Yoga for Beginner

The first class for students to take for the beginner’s level.


• Hatha

The word 'Hatha' is derived from the two root terms, 'ha' meaning 'the sun' and 'tha' meaning 'the moon'. Taken together, the term stands for 'union of force'. Hence, central to Hatha Yoga disciplines in harmonizing of its positive (sun) and negative (moon) currents. The classes are cycled through a broad variety of traditional Hatha yoga poses. A beginner level class, focused to train lower body with high intensity then upper body to build strength, stamina and endurance.


• Long Slow and Deep

Don't want to do a salutation, a lunge series or even just get physically active? Experience the benefit of holding poses a little longer, giving these massive areas (hamstrings, groin, hips, shoulders, etc.) more time to release deep. Be patient and keep breathing, deeply and fluidly. So dim the lights warm up the room and enjoy.


• Stretch to Sky L1

Learn postures with perfect alignment and technique. A great class to strengthen and tone up your body. Inhale and reach for the sky. Here we have two levels of this class, are Level 1 Class holds the stretching’s and Level 2 Class moves in a flow to regulate your blood circulation.


•  Stretch and Balance

This sequence offers a real challenge as you move from pose to pose while keeping the lifted leg off the floor the entire time. Your standing leg may feel shaky as you build strength. Balancing poses also require core strength, so you will also be working the abdominals with the series.


• Bodywize Detox

This class is specially designed to clean your body and Detox your vital organs, to enhance their respective functions to keep the Body system fit.


• Detox Flow

A strong, flowing practice that focuses on twists and forward bends for detoxification. The class will boost circulation and helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage and fluid/weight loss.


• Healing Night

This gentle yoga is a healing meditative practice, whose moves are very slow and intentional. A slower paced restorative class that focuses on breathing relaxation and gentle stretching which includes Pranayama and Candle yoga.


• Yoga Therapy

This class is ideal for anyone overcoming chronic stress, pain, fatigue, recent surgery, and other chronic illness. A therapeutic approach covering gentle active postures followed by restorative resting poses.




She completed her yoga teacher training with Swami Pujan, John Ogilvie and other Byron Yoga master teachers in Australia. Her passion for yoga and compassion for her students is always evident in her teaching. Her sequencing will help you better understand the essence of poses.


She researches and practices mindfulness and meditation with children with executive function difficulties, makes them better at focusing on something specific while ignoring distractions and temptations from the outside world. She believes the path of yoga is meant to be a way to reduce the suffering created by our minds, and bringing balance to our emotions.




He is an adventurous seeker of enlightenment who walked the globe to fulfill his destiny. In his worldwide journey, he shares his philosophy with diversified students essentially in China, India, and Vietnam. Presently, Bandu is settled in the Pearl of the Orient where students coined him as the extraordinary yoga teacher.


His mission has always been guiding others to achieve self awareness and a deeper sense of physical alignment to help them find optimal balance in their lines, on and off the mat.





He is an outstanding instructor not only for his ability to do various postures but more importantly, he possesses the characters of a great teacher. He tends to go step by step for students to reach the right posture and further supplement them with explanation to implant deeper understanding.  He radiates great power that students receive his energy field. This is the key for Nandu to take students beyond their capabilities and reach their greatest potential.





Being trained a traditional Hatha Yoga teacher since his studio was founded in Rishikesh, India. He is leading Yoga classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Working with student with different body type and fitness level while paying attention to the needs of every student throughout each class,


He is also NASM Certified, extremely organized, hardworking and very experienced with an extensive sport and fitness background.




Irene is a certificated yoga instructor under Yoga Alliance, also the certificate of Yoga Anatomy by Ellen Heel. She serve as a Yoga instructor in the past 7 years, teaching Hot , Hatha, Yin , Yin yang yoga , injury work as well as working with groups of dancers internationally  for dance safety and body conditioning.


She is currently the Rehearsal Director and Ballerina of Youth Ballet of Asia and Part-time teacher at APA, workshop tutor in AGP Summer Intensive Program 2013 and 2014, the Chief Executive Manager for AGPLO is a certificated instructor of Yoga and Anti-gravity Yoga.


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