features a extensive collection of yoga clothing, preminum eco-friendly yoga mats, essential oils, fragrance candles, bath and body products that are sensual and botanic, which are free from GMO, Parabens, SLS, and mineral oils.


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BAMFORD body and bath uses the finest natural ingredients to ensure a luxurious, holistic experience. Founded by Carole Bamford in 2006, her passion for organic farming is evident in the purity of Bamford organic products.

Hut & Berg Kollektion


Für die gesamte Kollektion von "hut & berg balance" wurde ein völlig neues Farbkonzept entwickelt. "Black" & "Stone" sind die Basisfarben. Ein frisches "Sky Blue", ein belebendes "Wild Berry" sowie ein strahlendes "Apricot" ergänzen die Farbpalette, die nahezu jedem Teint schmeichelt.



We use only carefully selected, 100% natural and authentic Rudraksha and other sacred power beads, all of the highest quality and vibrations. Most mala beads available in the marketplace use ‘dead’ or low vibration, low quality sacred beads, especially Rudraksha, which have little or no energetic value.

Some use fakes.


Part of the inspiration behind the creation of our Soul Jewelry and Malas is to show you, from your own direct experience, that there’s a profound difference between what is available and what is truly, authentically, spiritually powerful and effective.



Tanya and Anna came together on the yoga mat in late 2012 and shared each other’s life paths. It didn’t take long for them to collaborate on tanya-b, to create a grassroots, accessible yoga brand, with a look and feel that is feminine, urban, and fit the way they live. The women support passion seekers and dream makers­–those who continuously evolve, find purpose, and inspire every day.

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