HIFU    Non-Surgical Facelift

(High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound)


It penetrates to the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System and as it shrink it gives lift to tissues attached to SMAS. The results are very natural and definitely will make you feel more youthful. HIFU protects the skin surface, whilst precisely penetrating at deeper depths and higher temperatures than Radio Frequency.



Safe and effective

No need for anaesthesia or sedation

No Incisions or risk of infection

No downtime

Comfortable and painless treatments



Ultimate Brightening Cure         1hr 30m

-Double Infusion     


This With Evidens de Beauté’s exclusive anti-aging ingredients from the ‘Bright Domino Process®’, the skin is deeply cleansed and massaged with these deluxe products made to focus on reducing and removing dark spots.


Then an advanced age-defying pulsed infusion technology is introduced to treat the skin using the specially formulated ‘Intensive Brightening Cure’, in double actions: Infuses the vital serum and mask by Evidens de Beauté which powerfully combats the pigmentation flaws, fortifies and nourishes the skin to restore the its original glow while preserving its integrity.


Lastly, this treatment ends with a 10-mins Pure Oxygen Inhalation.

                                                                    BIO-TOX (Red Carpet Treat)  


The treatment primes you for a social night to look your best with a similar "botox" effects resulting a reduction in the appearance of the lines and wrinkles.


Without injection and downtime, Red Carpet Treat works instantly to achieve a youthful appearance by smoothing the smile lines and crow's feet around the lips or under the eyes. The latest technologies provide a safe and comfortable treatment for us . Now  we can zap the wrinkles instantly and even maximize the results by exercising and keeping our stress under control.


                                                                    Time for Retreat                  2hr


This treatment is made of holistic and therapeutic techniques nourishing the skin; good for relaxation,  mind and body balance.


This begins with a revitalizing foot ritual, a healing back massage using your choice of aroma oil to calm your senses and release the tension.


A personalized facial treatment cleansing your skin beautifully, and ends with a relaxing massage for the feet and scalp achieving clarity of mind.

                                                                    Retreat Wellness         4 hr


This fully customizable program begins  with 60 min yoga class ( your choice of yoga either on the mat or in a silk hammock ) to surrender to your body and follow the instructions  to attain a natural state of tranquillity, peace and harmony.


Based on individual's needs, we deliver a 120 min tailor-made bespoke sensational ritual "Time for you"  is fully customizable, to combine ancient technique used with purely natural products.


After the treatment, a delicious organic light lunch including  fresh salad and vegan broth will be served at Bodywize Lounge, where is filled with bright natural light and pleasant music throughout.


Guests are provided with professional advice on nutrition, health and exercises, in order to extend the beneficial effects of the program at home.

                                                                    Awaken Your Senses             2hr


Receive 120 min authentic spa experience with a deeply theraputic and holistic treatment which combines the power of pure organic ingredients and a  delightful Signature exfoliation to ground the senses, an immune booster wrap to detoxify and nourish, and a fusion massage to sooth and heal.


This completely sensorial ritual can melt away stress, encouraging a deep sense of transformation and rejuvenation. Followed by a light healthy meal to get yourself fully recharged and refreshed.


Life is a Beautiful Journey   

2hr 30min


This divine treatment reflects the fusion of time-honored rituals with modern day sensibilities at Retreat by Bodywize, a sublime healing experience to rejuvenate and inspire

our well being.


The treatment begins with a luxurious underwater massage in a Rainforest Colored Bath, where the purification from the sacred salt expands in an aura of rainbow  colors in the water while taming the restless mind. Then a calming body scrub and pure essential oils work directly to soothe the body, in alignment with yoga stretches and followed by a harmonizing facial treatment.


The journey celebrates its end with the presence of love  when we found ourselves becoming the beauty.

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