The first Bodywize's day spa was opened in 2004 and had since run successfully to open a second spa location and also the third location for yoga and air fitness. Moved from Happy Valley to Causeway Bay in 2014.


Relocated from Happy Valley to Causeway Bay in 2014. Bodywize was continued to receiving accolades from the press and clients alike and in the mid 2017, Reshape by Bodywize was launched internally and externally for a successful rebranding.


The new flagship, House of Bodywize is a world-class full service spa and health sanctuary located in the heart of Causeway Bay. Find your retreat, everyday.







Established in 2004

We offer a sanctuary and a comfort haven for both men and women to unwind from their busy lifestyles, focusing on holistic healing therapies and practices to promote wellness inside and out. Inhale, exhale, relax, & we’ll do the rest.

RETREAT BY BODYWIZE features clean, contemporary design – sitting Buddha, wooden crafts, natural sunlight and subtle mood lighting which induces a tranquil and peaceful mind. We offer a blend of Eastern and Western spa services.

fight for natural beauty



The exclusive fitness spa is designed to showcase its emphasized feeling of serenity, be filled with elements of wood and earth, eco-friendly treatment rooms, state of the art Queenax and Reax training system.



RESHAPE BY BODYWIZE revolutionizes the traditional day spa experience through a melding of oriental treatments and the modern technology to provide a full range of spa services which combine facial, massage, innovative slimming & body recovery by adopting the functional training method. Guests can take advantage of more than 50 fitness and yoga classes weekly; enjoy hand and foot rituals & close with a tea offering.


 It's a Commitment: FOR that looks like you. NATURAL. HEALTHY. SUSTAINABLE. An intelligent strategy is a NO RISK, NO SIDE EFFECT battle to slow the unaesthetic effects of passing time.

#Noinjections     #NoScalpel       #NoRisk


#NoSideEffects   #ScientificallyProvenResults







The custom designed studio has a welcoming and inclusive space for providing Bodywize Air fitness & yoga classes, approx. 3000 sq. ft and includes reception area, open-style sitting lounge to reflect natural light that comes in, three exercise rooms which invoke a total blissful ambiance.

BODYWIZE Air Fitness & Yoga is the first AntiGravity® Master Developer in Asia ever since 2012. This  air yoga releases tension and helps in alignment, gives strength and joint mobility. Enjoy yourself suspended in the air cocooned in a silk hammock at our yoga sanctuary.


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