You’ll find yourself suspended in the air cocooned in a silk hammock; swinging, balancing and attempting inverted poses with your head just inches off the ground.

You may feel like a circus act but that’s the fun part of it. This yoga releases tension and helps in alignment, muscular strength and joint mobility.

The First AntiGravity®

Master Developer

In Asia Since 2012





Bodywize Air Yoga

Pioneering the trend of AntiGravity® here in Hong Kong, is Bodywize Yoga, which never cease to promoting the AntiGravity® fitness techniques are derived from the AG performance team's warm-ups and aerial conditioning



Ms. Lisa Mak, being the first Asia's master developer of AntiGravity® including Hong Kong & Mainland China."This new type of hammock yoga can be modern or traditional, exciting or relaxing. " Lisa told Hong Kong Media.


Her studio's named Bodywize Yoga, a calm sanctuary situated up & above hustle & bustle of Happy Valley, which offered Hong Kong's first AntiGravity® group class ever since November 2012.


The Origin

AntiGravity® Inc. was founded in 1991 by Christopher Harrison in NYC as an acrobatic perfomance company with the mission of merging athletics and artistry.


The AntiGravity® Skyloft located in Manhattan's Midtown became the birthplace for many new acrobatic techniques and devices including the AntiGravity® Hammock. Once the beta program had fully developed he brought the technique to the public, renaming it AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga. It was officially launched in NYC in 2007.

Class Reminder

1. For the aerial class to be successful, an important preparation is to avoid eating meals prior to beginning the practice.


2. Bring your own bottle of water, to keep hydrated


3. Detach rings, bracelets, blings & remove jewel or gel nails

(Because these can cause damages to the silk hammock)


4. Wear comfortable outfits (Students are encouraged to practice in yoga pants, long shorts, or capris, and short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts)







In order to enjoy fully the experience of hammock yoga, it is important to be aware of the contraindications before starting any physical activities and training.


Inversions may be harmful for those suffering from:


- high blood pressure

- low bone density

- glaucoma (degenerative disease of the optic nerve)

- extreme obesity (over 35 BMI)

- heart problems


Be sure to consult a health professional before starting any training program.


It is normal to feel dizzy or experience motion sickness in the first few sessions. Note that this is only temporary, the body is getting used to a new form of training.



    Welcome to AntiGravity Fitness FUNdamentals! Here you will discover the power, excitement nd pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space. Through this step-by-step technique, you will learn all  you need to know to safely teach a “Decompression Session” (which includes zero-compression inversions) to the general public.


    You will also learn the  ins and outs of the Harrison AntiGravity Hammock, the principles of the technique and the philosophy of AntiGravity in  this fun-filled action- packed course. Open your mind to this new beginning, suspend your  disbelief and enjoy the flight.


    Hope you are ready to elevate your workout, burn calories and turn your routine upside down!


    This is a dramatic and dynamic new form of exercise focused on fitness.  We can easily claim that you will never have had a workout quite like this one.  From beginner to connoisseur, the results are impressive.


    This is the gentle, deep stretching, healing side of Hammock Yoga. Quieting the mind, while floating the body through a series of gentle kinetic motions, this technique deeply opens the entire spine, hips, and connective tissues of the body.


    Featuring full body inversions, alongside various forms of flowing spinal traction, Here  we offer accessibility to students with physical limitations, while being loved by endurance athletes and yogis alike as a portal to deeper spinal flexibility, and mind/body connection.


    Bodywize offers you yoga & air fitness not just as a way to stay fit, but yoga as a multifaceted practice that helps you lead a healthy, happy and empowered life.


    Quieting the mind, while floating the body through a series of gentle kinetic motions, this technique deeply opens the entire spine, hips, and connective tissues of the body.


    Our air therapy class is like a moving meditation, stilling the mind with opening and closing shivasana, which is taken while floating entirely in mid-air. Students will be guided throughout class to return to a place of inner-quiet, inspiring a deeper connection with the body and its needs.


    In a AIRabesque® class, all fundamental steps are covered and built on week-by-week. In our classes, an AIRabesque® is in a body position with the working leg turned out and supported by the silk hammock.


    Our instructors aim to make the lessons a fun form of exercise and beneficial in many ways including the development of co-ordination, rhythm, fitness, muscle tone, expression and confidence. These dance-based movements require dedication, but lead to rewarding results.











Allen is an accomplished choreographer & performer in classical ballet, contemporary & experimental dances.


He also teaches at Hong Kong Academy of Performing Art. He discovered Air Fitness from NYC, back in 2011 &  now his continued passion drives him to share the health benefits with new comers. His plan is to keep using his gift in dance to let people seeing the beauty of life and inspire others not to give up their dreams.





 Bandu is AntiGravity® Certified Teacher. His mission is to guide the students to a higher level of self awareness and a deeper sense of physical alignment to help them find optimal balance in their lines, on and off the hammock.





 Irene was the former artist of Hong Kong Ballet Company. She guested with the HK Dance Awards in 2012 and 2013. She had been invited as the guest teacher in South African Ballet Theatre, the Academy and Cape Town Junior Ballet Company, Damansara Performing Art Centre in Malaysia.


She is currently the Rehearsal Director and Ballerina of Youth Ballet of Asia and Part-time teacher at APA. She is a certificated instructor of Yoga and Anti-gravity Yoga.





 Pioneering the trend of AntiGravity® here in Hong Kong, is the Bodywize Yoga & Fitness never cease to promoting local AG activities which are derived from the AG performance team's warm-ups and aerial conditioning exercises.


Ms. Lisa Mak,was the first Asia's master developer of AntiGravity® servicing for the regions of Hong Kong & Mainland China.


She researches and practices mindfulness and meditation with children with executive function difficulties, makes them better at focusing on something specific while ignoring distractions and temptations from the outside world.





 Nandu is one of the first Yoga Teachers' Group to get AntiGravity® certified in the States and began teaching in 2012. He finds the pleasure during the work of helping others to achieve balance, flexibility, gain strength, coordinate into alignment during the class.


He is very committed to take students going beyond their physical capabilities, thus to reach their greatest potential.



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