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     How does it feels like doing Air Yoga?



You’ll find yourself suspended in the air cocooned in a silk hammock; swinging, balancing and attempting inverted poses with your head just inches off the ground.


You may feel like a circus act but that’s the fun part of it. This yoga releases tension and helps in alignment, muscular strength and joint mobility.

       What if I am afraid of heights?



During an inversion you are only 3 inches off the ground. During 75% of the moves you are distributing your weight between the hammock and the floor.

       What should I wear?



All attendees must wear T-shirt that covers armpits or sleeved top. All jewelries must be removed before going for any air yoga classes. Gel nails, blings, metals, and the likes can damage the silk hammock.

            Private Yoga Program



Tailor made one-on-one classes or family and the instructor in our private yoga sanctuary. It is ideal for beginners and busy individuals who enjoy privacy and the benefits of yoga, especially personal instruction for injury prevention while promoting strength, mobility and performance.

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